4/28/14: Torture, sacraments, and membership in True Church
Biblical Truth and Political Correctness
3/28/14: Hospitality, sin, and the transformative power of God's love.
Hashtag Feminism
3/6/14: Women, Ministry, and the sovereignty of God.
A response to the Creation Debate
2/5/14: Creation, Evolution, and the authority of scripture
God talk and Gun control
1/24/14: Guns, sanctuaries, and functional nihilism

Atheism and Evangelism
6/5/13: Doubts, outreach, and reaping what we have sown
In Defense of Words
6/3/13: Worship style, language, and traditional technology
Pacifist Memorial Day
5/27/13: Pacifism, Just War, and honoring sacrifice
Prologue to the Gospel of John
5/9/13: Scripture, meta-narrative, and new expressions of truth
What do Religion and Federalism have in common?
4/24/13: Nullification, distrust, and attachment to institutions
2/17/13: Images, worship space, and sensory worship
Interim Pope?
2/11/13: Benedict XVI, transitions, and the faith to step aside
Old Paths, New Shoes
2/6/13: Tradition, deviance, and patterns of behavior
Means and Ends
1/9/13: Ecclesiology, change, and institutional faith

Choosing to Die?
10/15/12: Growth, resurrection, and call to change
Lord of the Bullies…And the Bullied
10/8/12: Sovereignty, Liberation, and unity in Christ
Spanking God's Children
10/1/12: Discipline, grace, and the judgement of God

8/11/10: Pacifism, diversity, and Just War Theory
Let's talk about worship
7/14/10: Worship, art, and experiencing God

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