Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Present Ideas

This is just for family and anyone else who might ask me what I want for Christmas. I'll keep a running list as I think of new things, so check back in from time to time.

Gift Cards: gift cards
Ace Hardware gift cards
iTunes gift cards

Theology of the Old Testament - Walter Brueggemann
Jeremiah, Pain and Promise - Kathleen O'Connor
Feasting on the Word Commentary for year B or C
Interpretation Commentary Series, I already have Matthew.
Williams Hebrew Syntax - Williams R.
Seeing the Text - Schertz, M.
The Identity of Jesus - Frei
Why Narrative - Hauerwas
The Nature of Doctrine - Lindbeck

Airport Express
Liturgical Stoles
Cordless Power Drill
Small Cast Iron Skillet (I already have a big one).
Center Channel Speaker

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