Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Introduction to Crowd-Sourced Exegesis.

Linguistics and Commentaries

One of the perks of being a Seminary-type person is that you get to know a lot of really good preachers. Some of them even have blogs! Like my friends Bethany and Stephen, both of whom are excellent writers and preachers.

I'm also a preacher (defined here as "one who preaches" even though I'm not ordained). And over the last couple of years I've done a series called "Crowd-Sourced Exegesis." Where I ask the internet with help writing my sermons. I've had moderate success with it, but have found that the people who do contribute to the discussion are wonderful and have brilliant insights.

Although I no longer have a regular preaching gig, I still think that the discussions we have are beneficial to me, and to those who participate. So internet, you and I are going to do a video-commentary series together.

Each Tuesday, I'm going to post a video of myself reading a scripture passage, following the Revised Common Lectionary. It will usually be the Gospel Passage, but may change from time to time. I'll read it out loud, give a few thoughts to start the discussion, and then turn y'all loose in the comment section.

In order to give time for good discussion to happen, I'm going to stay a week ahead of the lectionary. That way preachers who are fervently searching for ideas in the days before they preach will get to see a fully-fleshed out discussion.

It'll be like a homiletical Idea Channel!

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