Sunday, May 25, 2014

Welcome, New Readers from the Presbyterian Church of Lowell!

I am pleased, excited, thrilled, chuffed, and tickled pink to announce that I have been called as the new Pastor of The Presbyterian Church of Lowell!

Of all the emotions one feels at such a significant transition, the one of which I am most aware is gratitude.

I'm grateful for a Committee on Preparation for Ministry which has guided me for the last ten years.

I'm grateful for the First Presbyterian Church of Morganton, who helped raise me and train me.

I'm grateful to Columbia Theological Seminary, for taking a chance and giving me the opportunity to develop ministry skills.

I'm grateful for St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, for teaching me the difference between being a good seminarian and being a pastoral presence.

I'm grateful for the Designated Pastor Nominating Committee (DPNC) for their diligent work in discerning God's will for what is now our community.

But most of all, I'm grateful to God who has guided us through all of our journeys so that the people who are the Presbyterian Church of Lowell and I can walk together for a time and be mutually encouraged by one another.

I'll be moving into my new study for the first part of the week, and would love for folks to drop by and introduce themselves. I also invite you to find me on Facebook, which will help me learn your names more quickly.

I'm so excited to get to know these people, to collaborate with them in ministry, and to participate with them in worship.


  1. Very nice blog entry, my son. I also am grateful, for you!

  2. Speaking (writing) on behalf of First Presbyterian Church in Morganton, we're grateful for you, Joseph!

  3. I rejoice with you and Lowell...this is going to be a great relationship.

  4. It's been a wonderful two years. Here's to the next ten or so!