Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pappy's Poetry I: We Live So Short a Time

I recently found some old papers, among them were a few poems written by my great-grandfather, Joseph William Taber Sr. I called him "Pappy," and count it among my greatest blessings that I got to know him. Because paper and ink fade, and because other family members may appreciate them, I've typed and uploaded them here.

We love so short a time
and let it so quickly pass us by,
We can not hold back the sands
no matter how we may try.
Much better we should of each
hour,a marker make along th eway.
That others through our good works
and deeds, remember us in their day.
So have you engraved upon the hearts
of all that have walked beside you.
A potrate of love,comfort,understanding
and courage of brightest hue.
The song bird,on a whispering breeze,
blends in harmony with angels above.
As I humbly lay this small gift
upon the alter of my love.


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