Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pappy's Poetry IV: Who am I? (April 18 1965)

I recently found some old papers, among them were a few poems written by my great-grandfather, Joseph William Taber Sr. I called him "Pappy," and count it among my greatest blessings that I got to know him. Because paper and ink fade, and because other family members may appreciate them, I've typed and uploaded them here.

Am I a trail blazer with a trail?
a prisoner with a jail.
a clown with a show.
a skier with a snow.
a scout with a hike.
a boy with a bike.
No, I know who I am, truly I do.
Im a carefree lad. Searching for you.

Am I a salty sailor, with a sea?
a hatter with a tea.
a cop with a beat.
a peddler with a street.
a banker with a bank.
a swimmer with a tank.
No, I know who I am, truly I do.
Im a happy young man. Who's found you.

Am I a snappy fly boy with a sky?
Simple Simon with a pie.
a barker with a stand.
a drummer with a band.
a captain with a ship.
a drover with a whip.
No, I know who I am, truly I do.
Im a lover in love with You.

Am I a soldier with a badge of glory?
a reporter with a story.
a peddler with a pack.
a gambler with a stack.
a driver with a car.
a wisher with a star.
No, I know who I am truly I do
I'm a young man, old man, happy man, married to You

your Joe

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