Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pappy's Poetry III: Limericks (Pitted Prune & Chicks and Hens)

I recently found some old papers, among them were a few poems written by my great-grandfather, Joseph William Taber Sr. I called him "Pappy," and count it among my greatest blessings that I got to know him. Because paper and ink fade, and because other family members may appreciate them, I've typed and uploaded them here.

Pity please the pitted prune, so sad and wrinkled he.
If you were treated so, sad methinks you too would be
     To have your stones removed,
     ere your manhood be proved,
Is a sad fate for man or prune, to this you must agree.

Women that go swimming with their bellies bared to view
displaying unashamed, all that remains, of the cord she grew.
     proving with Candor unmatched
     she was morn and not hatched,
So I do not know why they are 'chicks' and "Hens"; Do you?

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